Students' Perceptions on Diversity and Multiculturalism at Ahfad University

By Mai Izeldeen.

Published by The International Journal of Community Diversity

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The main objectives of this paper are: to explore student’s beliefs about diversity and multiculturalism. This paper identifies different factors that formulate their beliefs and highlight the advantages and disadvantages of multicultural and diverse environments at the university. The paper is based on research carried out at Ahfad University 2011 – 2013, targeting 300 students from different classes, age groups, tribes, and other categories, covering all collages and academic years. The sample was selected randomly. The study adopted a quantitative method of data collection using questionnaire. The data collected were analyzed using the SPSS method, and the results were discussed and analyzed according to the study’s theoretical framework and in relation to the literature which was reviewed. The study uncovered many findings. Students believe that culture is nationality, religion, and origin of ethnic group; that diversity in their society generally and at their university specifically is based on the differences of religion, origin, language, sex, and economic status. They believe that traits related to origin, language, religion, and socioeconomic status are major factors in the formulation of their beliefs on diversity and multiculturalism. They believe multiculturalism and diversity are an advantage to their society and university environment. Interaction with multicultural and diverse groups of students were not considered a challenge.

Keywords: Diversity , Multicultural, Beliefs

International Journal of Community Diversity, Volume 13, Issue 4, January 2015, pp.11-25. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 226.471KB).

Dr. Mai Izeldeen

Assistant Professor, Regional Institute of Gender, Diversity, Peace, and Rights, Ahfad University for Women, Khartoum, Sudan